Wild Pig Hunting
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Wild Pig Hunting

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How to Hunt Wild Pigs

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Have you ever been in the Australian outback with nothing to do but to sit around and kill the swarms of flies that gather on our face. Well, pig hunting is a real fun way of wasting time and getting to know mother nature better. Hunting pigs is a past time and was a way of life for the Aboriginals back before settlement and still is an occupation for some people.


  1. Choose where you are going to hunt. Make sure you ask the owner of the land if it is alright to hunt on his property. Some land owners have no problems with pig hunter using their land and may even pay you.
  2. Choose your rifle and ammunition. If you are using a caliber lower than a .22 Hornet, it is a good idea to use hollow point ammunition.
  3. The best place to find pigs is around water, so drive out to where the last mob was seen and look for tracks.
  4. If you find fresh tracks, load your rifle but make sure that the safety is on and that all other members of the party are behind the gun.
  5. Follow the most recently used tracks away from the water inland if there is nothing at the waters edge as pigs usually rotate between a certain living area and water.
  6. When you get to the den, approach quietly and carefully. Remove the safety and continue toward the den. Stop when you have sight of the target, line it up in your sights and pull the trigger.
  7. If the pig is only wounded be kind and end its life with a shot to the head. Make sure you do this, as it is a crime to leave a wounded animal to die in pain.
  8. If the animal is close to water and the body falls into the water, drag it out away from the water to prevent it decomposing in the water.


  • Always follow correct safety procedure when using a gun.
  • Bring a small gift to the land owner to let them know you appreciate them letting you use their land
  • If its not to heavy take the dead pig to a chiller and get it priced in.
  • If your using a smaller rifle aim for the hip and shoulder joints so that you can finish it off before it runs away and dies of infection or blood poisoning
  • Always clean your rifle after about 30 shots of increased accuracy.


  • This is not a safe activity. You may be hurt or wounded bad so if you're new to the sport, take a buddy with you.
  • Never approach a fully healthy pig or it may charge.
  • Don't shoot unless you can see what is on the other side of the target.

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